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Updated : 2015-06-01

Exemption from a visa

Under any of the following circumstances, a foreigner may be exempt from a visa:

(1) The foreigner is a person exempt from a visa under a visa exemption agreement signed by the Government of China and the government of another country;

(2) The foreigner holds a valid residence permit for foreigners;

(3) The foreigner transits through China to a third country or region with a conjunction ticket by an internationally traveling aircraft, vessel or train and stays within China for not more than 24 hours without leaving the port of entry or stays in a designated area as approved by the State Council without exceeding the prescribed period of stay (for example, Hainan, Beijing, and Shanghai and other provinces and municipalities grant to some countries visa-free entry or transit through China for a certain period); or

(4) Other circumstances as set out by the State Council under which the foreigner may be exempt from a visa.