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What are a practicing lawyer’s obligations?

Updated : 2015-06-03

A lawyer must abide by the following in his or her practice:

1. Lawful practice.

2. A lawyer involved in litigation may, in accordance with procedural laws, collect and consult materials pertaining to the case he is handling, correspond and meet with a person with restricted movement, appear in court, participate in proceedings, and other actions provided for in the procedure laws.

3. A lawyer acting on behalf of a defendant has the right to argue or present a defense in accordance with the law.

4. In legal affairs, a lawyer can, with the consent of a unit or individual, make inquiries of units or individuals.

5. A lawyer's personal rights cannot be violated.

6. A lawyer involved in a civil proceeding has all the rights authorized by the party he is representing.

7. A lawyer can ask for a duplicate of different kinds of documents pertaining to a case of litigation he is handling.