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What can a lawyer do?

Updated : 2015-06-03

What cases can a Chinese lawyer handle?

The provisions of Article 25 of the Lawyers Law state that a lawyer can engage in the following:

1. Represent citizens, legal persons or organizations as legal counsel.

2. Represent a party in a civil or administrative case as agent and participate in the proceedings.

3. Provide a suspect in a criminal case with legal advice and help him file a petition or charge or obtain a guarantor pending trial, represent a suspect or defendant in a criminal case or be appointed by a People's Court to act as defense, or act as an agent for the prosecution in a private case or for the victim or close relatives and participate in the proceedings.

4. Represent a person in filing a petition for any type of litigation.

5. Act as an agent for a party in mediation and arbitration activities.

6. Provide legal services for a party involved in legal matters that are non-litigious.

7. Respond to inquiries on the law and represent clients in writing legal or other documents in legal matters.

What legal counsel can a lawyer provide?

1. Respond to legal inquiries.

2. Provide legal advice for the person who has engaged his or her services.

3. Draft, review and amend contracts and other legal documents.

4. Take part in talks and describe laws and policies pertaining to the item to be discussed; analyze the legal practicability of the item under discussion; draft, prepare, review, or amending files and documents needed for discussion; assist the person who has engaged him in formulating a plan for the discussion; and provide accurate legal advice for the person during the discussion.

5. Act as an agent in litigation, mediation or arbitration.

6. Be authorized to handle non-litigious legal matters, such as company registration, to assist an enterprise in operating independently by being responsible for its own profit and loss, do an inventory of assets, and verify funds and assets.

7. Publicize basic information on the law.