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What exactly is a lawyer and what is required to practice law?

Updated : 2015-06-03

The provisions of Article 5 of the Lawyers Law state that there are two conditions for practicing law: qualification as a lawyer and a lawyer's certificate.

Acquiring legal qualifications

1. To qualify as a lawyer, a person must pass the national judicial examination, which anyone with a four-year degree in law from a recognized institution of higher education, or a four-year degree in other fields from a recognized institution of higher education and with knowledge of the law can try for. In certain cases of difficulties in meeting the requirements for educational background as stated above, the course requirement may be reduced a certain amount in institutions of higher education upon approval by the justice department of the State Council.

2. A person wanting to practice law who has an undergraduate degree in law from a recognized institution of higher learning, or similar education, and who is involved in legal research or teaching at a professional level, can qualify as a lawyer, upon approval by the judicial department of the State Council after verification in accordance with certain conditions.