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What to do in the case of mistaken or improper notarized documents?

Updated : 2015-06-03

Article 25 of the Regulation on Notarization, of Chongqing Municipality states that a notary or judicial or administrative office at the same level that discovers an act of untruthfulness or illegality in a notarized documents must decide on the revocation of the notarized document. Whether it is to be revoked by the notary or affiliated judicial offices, there must be a written form served to the concerned parties, with reason stated for the action. If there is an objection to a decision for revocation the party involved can appeal to the related judicial department. The party with the objection can appeal for a reconsideration or initiate litigation in the people's court. It is stated in Articles 38 and 39 of the Regulation that if there are errors or evidence of improper content or negligence or other reasons on the part of the notary or misconduct or malpractice in violation of notary procedures during the course of notarization, the party can report to judicial and administrative offices in charge of the notary offices.