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Micro film and animations for better understanding of the law

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2015-06-04

China's Justice Ministry, State Internet Information Office and National Law Publicity Office announced the beginning work on a collection of national animation and micro films concerning the law this May 20 and running to Nov 30.

The purpose of the activity is to popularize laws in a funny, entertaining way, so the entries can take the form of public service ads, posters, comics, animation, micro film, micro video, or something similar. They are intended to follow the spirit of the constitution, promote a civilized network, and make new laws and regulations more familiar.

The submissions will go through a preliminary assessment by experts in the field, with the better ones to be shown online so that interested people can view them on legalinfo.gov.cn, cac.gov.cn, zjfzol.com.cn, Weibo (microblog) and Wechat, and vote on the ones they like. This voting will become an important fixture. After the deadline, experts will do an appraisal of the finalists in December.

For more information: http://www.fzdmwdy.com/