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New Laws and Regulations in February 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-02-20

Regulations on the Administration of Investment Project Approval and Filing

Enterprises should submit project proposals and documents with laws and regulations as preconditions for project examination and approval formalities. And the review deadline can’t exceed 20 workdays.

All relevant departments should implement responsibility for supervision and control, and carry out online monitoring and on-site inspection;Enterprises should report project’s basic information accurately;Different relevant departments should establish a project information sharing system;Enterprises’ illegal activities will be publicly displayed in a national credit information platform.

Measures of Nanjing for the implementation of Points-based Household Registration System

Applications for points-based hukou (household registration) should meet the following requirements:

1.Holding a Jiangsu Residence Certificate

2.Legal and stable employment in Nanjing and continuous payment of social insurance for two years

Note: Applicants offering false materials won’t be allowed to reapply within five years.

Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Water Transpor Construction Market

Supervisory responsibilities of transport administration departments at all levels should be clear.

Ministry of Transport should supervise and arrange construction projects and govern practitioners’ behavior in the market;It should also supervise and check duty execution conditions of the transport administration at provincial level.

Transport administration at local level should supervise and govern practitioners’ behavior and administrative departments at a lower level in the local water transport construction market.

Regulations of the Tibet Autonomous Region on the Administration of Floating Population Services

Application requirements for local Residence Certificate:

1.Continuous dwelling in place of residence for more than six months

2.Meeting one of the following requirements: legal and stable employment, legal and stable residence, continuous school attendance

The Minimum Wage Standards in Anhui Province

The minimum wage standards are categorized into:

Monthly minimum wage standards applicable to full-time laborers.

Minimum wage standard per hour applicable plied to non full-time laborers.

Items excluded from wages include:

1.Wages for extended working hours

2.Subsidy for working in special environments with exposure to high temperature, low temperature and poisonous and harmful substances

3.Social insurance premiums and housing fund

4.One-time rewards

5.Other social benefits according to state regulations

Special Provisions of Guangdong Province on Labor Protection for Female Employees

Female employees can apply for a coffee break during the period when they have worked in a standing posture for more than four hours continuously.

Female laborers’ labor capacity should be reduced or they could transfer to other posts if they are bereaving a spouse.

On antenatal check days, female laborers should be paid as usual workdays.

In the case of termination of pregnancy, female laborers are eligible for maternity leave depending on the circumstances.