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New Laws and Regulations in March 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-04-28

1.Public Culture Service Guarantee Law of the People’s Republic of China

The general public will be asked for opinions on the location of public cultural facilities.

News systems are established including:

Basic public cultural service standard system

Preferential public cultural service facility system

Supervision and announcements concerning the use of funds for the public cultural service system

2.Film Industry Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China

China’s first law in the cultural industry

Actors and directors in the film industry should obey the following rules:

Pursue excellence in both performances and personal behavior

Observe laws and regulations

Respect social morality

Adhere to professional ethics

Maintain Self-discipline

Establish a decent social image

3.Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court over in-Court Audio and Video Recording (revised version)

Courts should be equipped with fixed or mobile audio and video recording facilities.

If possible, smart speech-to-text conversion systems should be installed in courts

Audio and video recordings should start from the opening of a trial and continue until the trial’s end. Except in the following situations, recordings may not be suspended:


Evidence protected from public viewing in open trials

Mediation unsuitable for recording

4.Standards of Universal Postal Services (revised version)

The time limits for mail delivery:

The time limit for letter delivery is 7 to 8 days depending on delivery location

The time limit for regular parcel delivery is 8 to 9 days depending on delivery location

Service functions in postal business sites are improved.

Every administrative district at the county level should have at least one postal service site which offers international and Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan mail services.

Every town and village should have at least one site providing a parcel claim service.

5.Interim Measures for the Return within Seven Days without Reasons of Commodities Purchased Online

Such measures are not applicable to seven categories of products.

The following four categories are ineligible for refunds without reasons:

Products custom-made for consumers

Fresh, live and perishable products

Digital products downloaded online or already opened

Newspapers and Journals

The following three categories of products are ineligible for refunds without reason if purchased with consumer’s acknowledgment that a refund will not be available

Products which may influence personal safety and health after being opened

Products tending to change quality after being opened

Products significantly falling in value after being activated or tried

Products with the approaching expiration dates or defections

6.The Regulations of Tianjin Municipality on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women

Zero tolerance of sexual harassment

Women being harassed have the right to complain to their employer or public security organs

The departments receiving the complaints must respond appropriately.

The Protection of women’s political rights:

In the general elections of the People’s Congress at all levels, the proportion of female deputies should be gradually raised. Women should constitute no less than thirty percent of the total number of official deputy candidates.

Women’s federations at all levels can recommend female cadres to state offices, social and other organizations, enterprises, and public institutions. The recommendations should be duly valued for training and appointment of female cadres.

7.Detailed rules for the implementation of Shanghai Municipality Online Judicial Auctions

The rules include:

Assignment of responsibility and operation procedures in online judicial auctions

Categories of work entrusted to auxiliary bodies by courts

Determination of base prices of objects being auctioned

Conditions pertaining to postponement or suspension of auctions

Supervision and assessment work