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Live streaming on compulsory court order enforcement

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-05-22

A multi-media live streaming broadcast was carried out to record resolution of 130 cases of judgment enforcement in Jiangsu province on May 11.

To resolve cases where defaulters refuse to obey court orders, 500 law-enforcement officials from 10 courts including the Supreme Peoples’ Court, Jiangsu High People’s Court and Yancheng Intermediate People’s Court enforced the judgments on the spot.

Together with law enforcement officials, more than 20 media members did online broadcasts of the interactions between judges and people subject to court order enforcement. Warrants were issued compelling attendance by the judgment defaulters.

Live streaming on compulsory court order enforcement

In Shiyan town of Dongtai in Jiangsu province, an enforcement official talks with applicant Ding Baocai on May 11. Ding was awarded 26,810 yuan ($3,892) in an action against Qian Zengming for unpaid wages, but Qian failed to subject the judgment. [Photo by Ji Chunpeng/ Xinhua]

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