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What is the significance of the Preamble to Constitution?

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-06-16

The Preamble to the Constitution is an important part of the Constitution of China.

From the perspective of contents, the Preamble to the Constitution records the history and achievements of the Chinese revolution and construction since 1840, and truly reflects the objective laws and basic experience of the development of modern history of China. It sums up the positive and negative aspects of historical experience, provides the basic tasks of the fundamental tasks of the state and other important contents.

From the perspective of effect, the Preamble to the Constitution possesses the supreme authority. First, the Preamble to the Constitution can be generally and effectively implemented and observed in the legislative procedures, judicial procedures and administrative procedures. Second, the Constitution and constitutional interpretation cannot conflict with the Preamble to the Constitution. Finally, the Preamble is taken as a whole and therefore, its effect is a kind of integral effect.