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New Laws and Regulations in June 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-06-20

1.Cybersecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China

Strengthen protection of personal information

Cybersecurity supervisory body should maintain secrecy of personal information, privacy and business confidential information.

Organizations and individuals are forbidden to release information related to crime

Individual citizens have a right to cancel and correct information.

Network operators:

Collect or use personal information only with informed consent

Should not collect or provide personal information that not relevant to the service they provide

Violation of personal information provisions may have website closed or license revoked.

2.Internet News Information Service Management Regulations

License is required for internet news information services through weibo and WeChat.

Those who provide internet news information services to the public in the following forms must obtain internet news information services license:

Online website

Application software




Public account

Instant messeaging tools

Online live streaming

Note:Common people who post or forward information through a personal blog or Wechat account do not apply to the internet news information license

Protect legal rights of citizen and legal person

Internet news information service providers:

have the duty to maintain the users' secrecy

protect legal rights of copyright owners

establish and improve reporting systems

explicitly ban of illegal internet public relation and "water army"

3.Interpretations on Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Handling of Criminal Cases Involving Infringement of Citizens's Personal Information

Citizen’s personal information refers to information revealing the identity of a specific natural person or reflecting any activities of a specific natural person.

Citizen’s personal information includes:


ID Card Number

Contact Information

Status of personal property

Account passwords

Whereabouts and tracking information


4.Measures for the Administration of Urban Design

Urban design includes:

General urban design

Urban design of key regions

Key region urban design must be elaborated in the following seven regions:

Urban core areas and central areas

Areas reflecting urban historical styles

New cities and districts

Important streets including commercial streets

Waterfront areas including those along rivers, the sea shore and lakes

Areas in front of mountainous area

Other areas reflecting urban culture, special landscape features and those with special value

5.Regulations on Pesticide Administration

Fake pesticides are as follows:

Pretend non-pesticides as pesticides

Pesticides of one type passed off as another

Pesticides having ingredients inconsistent with those in product labels and instruction books

Pesticides of inferior quality are as follows:

Pesticides which cannot meet quality standards

Pesticides containing harmful ingredients leading to phytotoxicity

Pesticides expired shelf-life treated as pesticides of inferior quality

6.Measures for the Administration of Press Units’ Local Agencies (Trial Implementation)

Local agencies of press units refers to agencies for news gathering and editing approved in accordance with the law.

Entities of application:

Newspaper publishers with more than four publications per week can apply to establish local newspaper publisher agency

Key news websites set up by principal central news units can apply to establish local news websites agencies

With the approval of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television,the following agencies can be established:

Local news periodicals press unit, radio station, television station, broadcasting and TV station, and network broadcast TV station agencies