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Judicial Administration on Drug Rehabilitation

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-07-07

Judicial administration on drug rehabilitation is transformed from reeducation through labor after the termination of the previous reeducation through labor system. According to the Narcotics Control Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulation on Drug Rehabilitation, and relevant documents of the State Council on the major duties of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the system of judicial administration on drug rehabilitation is an important part of the people's war against drug and has three functions, namely compulsory isolated detoxification, drug rehabilitation, and providing guidance and support for community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery.

Compulsory isolated detoxification is a compulsory measure which applies to drug addicts with serious addiction and other drug addicts to whom isolated compulsory drug rehabilitation may apply. Drug rehabilitation is a measure for drug rehabilitation where a drug addict voluntarily signs a community-based drug rehabilitation agreement with a drug rehabilitation center established by the people's governments at or above county level or with a public welfare drug rehabilitation center legally established by social forces. The public security authorities may order a drug addict to receive community-based drug rehabilitation and issue a written decision on ordering community-based drug rehabilitation.

The judicial administration system has assumed the responsibility of drug rehabilitation since 2006 and compulsory isolated detoxification since 2008. Under the intensive attention of the Party committees and governments at all levels, with the support of relevant departments, the judicial administration system has deeply implemented the Narcotics Control Law of the People's Republic of China and the Regulation on Drug Rehabilitation, taking drug rehabilitation as one of the priorities of the judicial administrative work in the new era, focusing on education of drug rehabilitation knowledge, emphasizing on medical and education treatment and rehabilitation training, while maintaining the security and stability of rehabilitation centers. With great efforts, prominent achievements have been achieved in drug rehabilitation work, making remarkable contributions to the social harmony and stability.