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New Laws and Regulations, July 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-07-20

1. Law of People’s Republic of China on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners who have medical skills but without license have the chance to be qualified as physicians.

Groups who can obtain physician qualifications

People who have studied in medical colleges and universities

People who have learned TCM through standardized master-apprenticeship training

People who have a specialty in medical skills

To carry whole-process quality supervision over TCM materials

To elaborates national technical specification and standards

To strengthen quality supervision over both production and distribution procedures

To strictly regulate usage of fertilizers and pesticides

To ban usage of high-toxic pesticide

Special protection of "state secretes"

TCM prescriptions and production technologies are subject to special protection if they are designated by law as secret at the national level.

2.Surveying and Mapping Law of the People's Republic of China

An individual’s location coordinates are protected by law.

Units who produce or make use of geographic information and Online map service providers should observe the law and administrative regulations on individual information protection.

3.Measures for the Administration of Contaminated Land and Soil

Clarify focus of regulation

Strengthen information disclosure

Emphasize risk management

All involved sides’ responsibility is clarified: whoever causes pollution is responsible for its treatment;A lifelong responsibility system is applicable to soil pollution abatement and remediation.

4.Rules for Handling Employment Arbitration Cases

Jurisdiction conflict resolution

If the laborer and the employer make application for arbitration at the same time: such arbitration is under the jurisdiction of the arbitration committee in the place where the contract is performed.

If the laborer and the employer make application for arbitration to several places where labor contracts are performed:

Such arbitration is under the jurisdiction of the arbitration committee which is the first to accept the case.

If the place where the contract is performed is not specific: the arbitration is under the jurisdiction of the arbitration committee in the employer’s location.

Conditions where the hearing is not open to the public:

Cases involving national or military secrets

Under the agreement of parties involved

Cases involving trade secrets or individual privacy

5.Interpretation of Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in Criminal Cases Involving Disruption of Radio Communications

Conditions on setting up or using radio stations arbitrarily or arbitrarily using radio frequencies and disturbing radio communications:

Setting up radio station without approval or illegally using dedicated frequency bands for radio and television

Setting up a communication base station without approval, sending messages to unspecific users forcibly and illegally using a public mobile communication frequency

Illegally setting up or using a radio interference unit

Using a satellite radio frequency without approval

6.Measures for the Administration of Medical Equipment Standards

Medical equipment standards:

refers to uniform technical requirements observed in medical equipment development, production, management, usage and supervision. The China Food and Drug Administration is responsible for preparing and publishing standards in accordance with legal procedures.

Medical equipment is divided into following categories by efficacy:

Compulsory standards: technical requirements guaranteeing health and life safety

Recommended standards: general technical requirements, those matching compulsory standards and playing a leading role in the medical equipment industry