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New Laws and Regulations, August 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-08-21

1.Regulation on the Implementation of the Statistics Law of the People's Republic of China

Standardizing statistical investigation from the origin:

Satisfying the demand of national micro decision-making for statistical material;

Reducing the burden of statistics objects;

Improving effectiveness     

Strengthening organization of statistical investigations:

Obligation of statistical investigation objects of providing statistical data and investigation organization institutions are précised.

Strengthening accountability for law violation related to statistics:

Listing specific examples of negligence in supervision and in counterfeiting and providing strict legal liability

2.Administrative Measures for Prioritized Patent Examination

Prioritized examinations applied to six categories of patent applications or review cases:

 (1) Those involving nationally prioritized industries including environmental protection and energy saving, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing , new energy, new materials, new energy automobile and intelligent manufacturing

 (2) Those involving industries encouraged by provincial-level government and government of city that divided into districts

 (3) Those involving frequently updated technology such as the Internet, big data and cloud computing

 (4) Patent applicant or review claimant have made serious progress in the invention or has started to carry it out, or there is proof that another party is working on the invention

 (5) Those firstly applied in China then applied in other countries or regions with same theme

 (6) Those having great significance to national or public interests

3.Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Safety Production concerning Highway and Water Transportation Projects

Transport administrative departments have right to take the following measures when carrying out supervision and inspection of safety of said projects:

(1) Entering units under examination for inspection, retrieving files, photos, videos and e-texts about project safety management and making enquiries to relevant units and personnel

(2) Entering construction sites of units under examination for supervision and random inspection

(3) Ordering units to immediately stop and redress illegal behavior within a definite time

(4) Other measures stipulated in the laws and administrative regulations

4.Regulations on Pesticide Administration and five relevant regulations

The revised edition of Regulations on Pesticide Administration has come into effect and the following five regulations became effective from August 1:

Administrative Measures for the Registration of Pesticide;

Administrative Measures for the Production License of Pesticide;

Administrative Measures for the Marketing License of Pesticide;

Administrative Measures for the Pesticide Registration Tests;

Administrative Measures for the Pesticide Labels and Manuals

Pesticide business:

A single license applies to only one enterprise.

One pesticide operator can be issued only one pesticide marketing license.

Pesticide registration:

Pesticide registration applicant:

Pesticide production enterprise, enterprises exporting pesticide to China or new pesticide developer

Pesticide registration certificate:  

Printed by the Ministry of Agriculture with a validity of five years

Pesticide label:

Traceable pesticide label

Notice of “restricted usage”

Clear Safety signs

Clear toxicity category indicated

Direct use of active compound is banned

5.Measures for Implementing the Administration of Industrial Robot Industry

Promotion of enterprise’ s healthy development

Guidance of industrial policy direction

Guidance of financial investment

Promotion of use of product

Clear assignment of responsibility:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Material review

Publicize standard enterprise list

Supervision of standard enterprises, publicizing changes, rectification and revocation notices

Bureau of industry and information technology at provincial level and state-owned enterprise or group:

First review data collected and materials submitted by local area or category of product

Supervision and regulation over the standard enterprises by local area or enterprise category