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New Laws and Regulations September 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-09-18

1.  Non-state Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China

Categories of non-commercial and for-profit non-state schools:

Non-commercial non-state schools: In stage of compulsory education

For-profit non-state schools: In stages of pre-school education, secondary education, higher education and non-degree education

Improve national poverty alleviation policy

Non-state and public schools have the same legal status

Non-commercial and for-profit schools get support in finance, tax preference, land use and charges.

2. Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in Criminal Cases Involving Drug and Medical Equipment Applications or Registration of Material Fabrications

Cases should be recognized as "Deliberately providing fictitious documents":

Drug non-clinical research institutions;

drug clinical experimentation institutions;

the staff of contract research organizations

deliberately provide counterfeited non-clinical research and drug clinical experimentation reports

3. Administrative Measures for the Licensing of Telecommunication Business Operations

Telecom business operator

Those given administrative penalties by telecommunication administrative organs or who fail to report annual financial information will be included in offence list.

Those penalized by telecom administrative organizations for recession or revocation of their business certificate or have other conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Industry and Information will be included in dishonest list.

4.Measures for the Administration of Licensing for the Use of Radio Frequency

Permissive conditions for radio frequency usage:

Frequencies must be used in consistence with provisions concerning category and usage of radio frequencies and should have specific channels

Feasible technical proposals on frequency usage

Corresponding professional technical staff

Not disturb other legal frequencies usage

The time limit of radio frequency licenses must not exceed ten years.

5. Measures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the Implementation of Administrative Reconsideration

Those not satisfied with the administrative behavior of MIIT or a communication bureau at provincial (district, city) level may apply to the MIIT for administrative reconsideration.

Those not satisfied with the administrative behavior of industry and information technology departments at provincial (district, city) level may apply to governments at provincial (district, city) level and the MIIT for administrative reconsideration.

6. Provisions on the Administration of Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Education

Provide institutional support for student innovation and entrepreneurship

Improve flexible educational system for suspension of schooling for entrepreneurship

Freshmen can apply for retaining student status

Maximum period of schooling could be separately stipulated for students suspending schooling for entrepreneurship

Flexible educational system

Cross-school minors or open online courses

Participation in innovation and entrepreneurship activities can be converted to credits

Establish innovation and entrepreneurship files

Set innovation and entrepreneurship credit