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Legal publicity in school

By Mi Yunjing (english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-11-21

Legal publicity work was recently carried out inDonghai County of East China’s Jiangsu province to raise young students’ legal awareness and prevent juvenile delinquency.

Police officers of all communities were required to elaborate plans on legal publicity activities in schools and kindergartens.

Zhang Yinglong, a community policeman made exhibition boards on school violence, drug detoxification, telecom fraud and fire safety and placed them in different schools.

The students were invited to visit the police station which includes mini fire station and detoxification center in the community and viewed some demonstrations.

Zhang also held a forum among kindergarten teachers and discussed the Shanghai child abuse case. He gave out legal publicity brochures and contact cards to parents in five kindergartens and used questionnaires to learn about their sense of security and satisfaction on the safety of the community.

Legal publicity in school

A group of young students visit police station in Yingtong community. [Photo/ JSChina.com.cn]

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