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New laws and regulations in October 2017

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-11-22

1. General Provisions of the Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China

Fetuses enjoy civil rights including heritage succession, acceptance and donation

Emphasize the duties of foster carers to provide maintenance

Add new stipulations about virtual property protection

Lower age limit of person with limited capacity for civil conduct

Adults with full capacity for civil conduct can appoint foster care through negotiation

Prolong time limit of cases from 2 to 3 years

2. National Anthem Law of the People’s Republic of China

When playing the national anthem:

The people shall follow the lyrics and musical score set out in the law’s appendix

It's forbidden to use any form damaging to the dignity of the national anthem

All those present shall stand solemnly, respectful of deportment.

It's banned behavior disrespectful of the national anthem.

The national anthem cannot be:

trademarked or used in commercial advertisements;

used in unsuitable occasions such as private funerals;

used as background music in public places.

3. Decision of the State Council on Amending the Regulations on the Administration of Construction Project Environmental Protection

Streamline environmental protection approval proceedings of construction projects

Strengthen supervision in the course of construction and afterwards

Reduce burden on enterprises and improve service

4.Provisions on the Administration of Internet Comments Posting Services

Follow-up comment service providers:

Shall authenticate identity of users

Establish and improve a user information protection system

Post comments of news information after checking

Set up systems such as information examinations, real-time checking and emergency discarding

Improve ability to discard junk information

Supervision and check in cooperation with competent authorities

5.Provision on the Administration of Internet Group Information Service

Internet group information service providers shall:

set up reasonable limits on group membership;

set up the number of groups individuals can establish;

set up the number of groups individuals can join on the basis of the scale of their services and management capacity.

6. Measures for the Administration of Tenders and Invitations to Bid in Government Procurement of Goods and Services

Improve transparency and impartiality

Secret kickbacks are banned

Add restrictions to requirements for bidder qualification set by purchaser or purchasing agent

When a bidder fail to prove a quotation on a rational basis, the bidding shall be considered as ineffective.

Detail the bid result announcement and confirm the announcement's expiration

Purchasers must not claim or accept gift or kickbacks