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New laws and regulations in November 2017

By Mi Yunjing (english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-11-22

1. Measures for the Administration of Internet Domain Names

Domain name registration service agents shall:

Require domain name registration applicants to provide authentic and complete registration information

Verify authenticity and integrity of registration information

Handle change procedures within thirty days in case of changes of domain name registration information

Require registration administration and service agents to store and protect personal information in accordance with the law

Not provide personal information to others without permission

2. Measures for Supervision and Administration of Auctions

The following behaviors of auctioneers are prohibited:

Obtain business opportunities by using bribery

Make false promotion about object for auction by methods such as public announcement

Fabricate and spread false statements to damage the reputation of other auctioneers

Infringe on other people’s business secrets by illegal means

Take part in activities as bidders or have their staff do so when they organized those activities themselves, or entrust others to do bidding on their behalf

Employ non-auctioneers to preside over auctions

3. Administrative Measures for the Soil Environment of Agricultural Lands (Trial Implementation)

Pouring, dumping, or using solid waste such as sludge, dredging sediments and coal gangue leading to soil pollution is prohibited.

Pouring industrial wastewater or medical waste in a farm irrigation trench is prohibited.

4. Interim Measures of the Peoples’ Republic of China for the Administration of Areas under Customs Supervision

Areas under supervision of the customsAreas under supervision of the customs

Area under special supervision of the customs

Bonded places under customs supervision

Operation location under customs supervision

Duty-free shops

Other locations with business under customs supervision

5. Regulation of Hebei Province on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests

Improve the system so that a buyer can obtain a refund within seven days

Sales return should meet with following conditions:

Products complete in original quality, function, accessories and identification are considered in good condition.

Consumer open packaging to check the product

Adjust and test the product to ensure its quality and functions keeping them intact

6. Regulations of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control

The government shall define time limit zones and vehicle restricted zones.

Vehicles shall meet national emission standards.

Unqualified vehicles that fail a safety technical check can’t be given conformity inspection marks.

Governments at above the county level can define zones and time period where passage of high-emission vehicles and non-road mobile machinery is banned or restricted according to atmospheric environment quality.