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China asks online video companies to strengthen content management

(Xinhua) Updated : 2018-04-13

China has asked a number of major online video companies to strengthen the management of their content, and make sure their platforms are free of harmful information such as pornography and violence.

A total of 18 live-streaming and short video companies, including YY, Douyu, and Kuaishou, were contacted by the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications recently to underscore the issue.

They were told to stick to the guidance of good values, step up the examination of their content and security control, and not to spread inappropriate content that is vulgar or spoofing.

The companies were urged to fulfill their social responsibilities as enterprises, and attach significance to both economic and social benefits at the same time.

They were also asked to set up internal protection systems for juveniles, and intensify the clearing of content that does harms them.

Those that violate the laws or regulations will be investigated and strictly punished in accordance with the law, and those platforms that fail to fulfill their responsibilities will also be called to account, said the office.

Earlier this month, the Cyberspace Administration of China ordered two popular live-streaming sites, Kuaishou and Toutiao, to make changes to their practices. The two companies were accused of allowing juveniles to spread harmful content.