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Tax service-engaged defaulters to be blacklisted

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2018-11-09

Credit defaulters who provide tax services will be listed on the blacklist when their bad records reach 100 points, according to a recently released regulation on the credit integral system.

The regulation was published by the State Administration of Taxation. It is intended to strengthen management of personal credit of professional personnel who are engaged in tax services at taxation-related service institutes and have been included in the real-name registration system.

According to the regulation, the credit indicators contain four parts -- basic information, records of practice, bad records and government tax fillings.

Workers can be eligible for bonuses when they provide several officials with tax-related services at one time but points will be deducted for illegal violations.

Fourteen irregularities for which penalties may arise are included in the regulation. When 100 points have accumulated, individuals will be blacklisted.