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China has been cooperating with foreign countries in judicial assistance since the mid-1980s and is cooperating in the area of extradition and transfer of criminals.

Commercial Judicial Assistance


China currently has treaties on civil and commercial judicial assistance with 13 countries and has treaties on civil and criminal judicial assistance and treaties on civil, commercial and criminal judicial assistance with 19 countries.

Criminal Judicial Assistance


In judicial assistance treaties with foreign countries, the scope of criminal activity is limited to serving writs and providing evidence.



If the Chinese authorities consent to the request, they will inform the foreign country through diplomatic channels, then confer and reach an agreement on the extradition method.

Transfer of a person under sentence


If a foreigner accused of a crime is imprisoned in China, that person will face language, material, and cultures difficulties, so the transfer of that person to the country of origin for imprisonment avoids difficulties and recognizes the jurisdiction of the country.

Conventions that China has signed


The chart includes conventions that China has signed with foreign countries.