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Legal Aid


Under what circumstances can a person apply for legal aid?


Legal aid refers to the judicial relief system whereby a person in need of legal assistance but unable to pay for it can apply for a reduction or exemption in a lawyer’s fees to protect his or her lawful rights.

Legal aid in China


The Chinese government proposed the building of a legal aid system with Chinese characteristics in 1994.

The system of legal aid


This refers to a judicial system where people living in poverty or other special cases can qualify for legal assistance at a reduce price or for free from the State.



Legal aid is an important system in many countries and the establishment of a legal aid system has been emphasized by Party leaders and administrators at different levels.



The Justice Ministry’s Legal Aid Center, approved by the State Staff Committee in December 1996, manages legal aid work nationwide authorized by the Ministry and, by the end of June 2003, had plans to establish offices across the whole country.