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China adopts first counter-terrorism law


Chinese legislators have adopted a series of laws at the end of a week-long bimonthly session in Beijing. Among the laws passed by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee was China’s first counter-terrorism law.

Policymakers drop legal ban on surrogacy


A proposed legal ban on the use of surrogate mothers has been scrapped after lawmakers raised objections over the effectiveness of such a move, it was announced on Sunday.

New law poised to prohibit surrogacy


The top legislature is considering banning surrogacy, as well as the buying and selling of sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos in China, as it reviews a draft amendment to a family planning law.

First law on TCM under deliberation


The coming law aims to deal with emerging problems and challenges facing the overall development of traditional Chinese medicine in the country.

Two-child policy expected to be approved


All couples have been encouraged to have two children, and couples who have two children can enjoy longer maternity leave, according to a draft.

Cabinet passes draft TCM law


The State Council passed a draft of China's first law covering traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at an executive meeting on Wednesday.

Power for ministries to be clarified


The unprecedented move to publish the powers of all ministries was announced along with several other reform initiatives at a meeting in Beijing.

Criminal Law amendment to bring harsher punishments


Some behaviors, such as gathering a crowd in a medical center to disrupt its normal operational order, paying someone to take a test, or cursing a judge in court, will now be regarded as crimes.