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Criminal Law amendment to bring harsher punishments


Some behaviors, such as gathering a crowd in a medical center to disrupt its normal operational order, paying someone to take a test, or cursing a judge in court, will now be regarded as crimes.

New rules separate CPC discipline from the law


The Communist Party of China Central Committee has published new rules on clean governance and sanctions for those who violate the Party code of conduct.

Law change targets buyers as well as sellers of trafficked humans


Previous provisions said buyers were exempt if they did not maltreat abducted children and women or obstruct their rescue.

Experts highlight breakthroughs of 1st domestic violence legislation


China's first draft law on domestic violence, currently under deliberation by top legislature, has made various breakthroughs toward bringing the social-cultural taboo under scrutiny of law, according to legal experts.

China mulls tougher penalty for assaulting police


China's top legislature is considering tougher sentences for assaults on police officers on duty during the bimonthly legislative session that started Monday.

China considers repealing crime of sex with underage prostitutes


China's top legislature has debated repealing the crime of sex with underage prostitutes and reclassifying it as rape, which would face a tougher punishment.

China's first draft law on domestic violence reviewed


Victims of domestic violence would be able to apply to courts for protection and the courts would be required to hear such applications, under China's first draft law covering the issue.

China includes civil law codification in legislation plan


China has added the formulation of a civil law code to its five-year legislation plan.