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China bars defaulters from taking high-speed trains


People who fail to fulfill court orders will be barred from taking high-speed trains, the Supreme People's Court (SPC) announced in its latest move to punish defaulters on Tuesday.

China adopts national security law


The law included a cyberspace "sovereignty" clause, which covered assets and activities in space, the deep sea and polar regions.

Rule that restricts bank loans to 75% of deposits to end


The State Council, China's cabinet, moved to scrap a rule that caps lending by commercial banks at 75 percent of their deposits, a measure that will increase the supply of cash in the financial system.

China set to bolster space, polar security: draft law


China has included security of its activities and assets in outer space, on the international sea bed and in polar regions in a draft national security law, the latest move to improve the legal framework protecting national interests.

Lawyers credit system to start in Shanxi


The credit files of practicing lawyers in North China's Shanxi province will be completed soon, making the credit information of over 6.400 lawyers available to the public.

Ministry imposes heavy fines on polluters


After the Environmental Protection Law came into effect, there has been a 515 percent increase in cases in March and April from the first two months.

Tougher penalties for China's air polluters


Polluters were given unprecedented penalties in the first four months since the new Environmental Protection Law took effect, said a statement Monday by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Draft rule requires Internet TV service providers to employ censors


Chinese Internet radio and television service providers will face fines of as much as 30,000 yuan ($4,834) if they refuse to employ specialized program censors.