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China proposes double taxes on excess emissions


The State Council released for public opinion a draft law on environmental taxes, which proposes business taxes for pollutants and noise.

China protects people's right to clean, healthy environment


China has made considerable efforts to safeguard the people's right to a clean and healthy environment, according to a white paper published on Monday.

Implementation of smoking ban remains a hard nut to crack


The lack of powerful enforcers to implement this new regulation is just one of the difficulties the new regulation faces.

Anti-smoking laws in Beijing


Beijing will ban smoking in restaurants, offices and on public transport from Monday, part of new curbs welcomed by anti-tobacco advocates.

Beijing to implement tougher parking regulations


Strict measures are likely to include the need for residents to buy a parking space before purchasing a new car and that current car owners will have to prove they are paying for parking spaces.

New e-commerce law needs detailed rules for all aspects


A law is being drafted on e-commerce, which is expected to include detailed columns on supervision, market entrance and exit, e-payments, consumer rights protection and intellectual property rights protection.

Legislators pass toughest Food Safety Law amendment


The country's top legislature on Friday voted to adopt an amendment to the Food Safety Law that gives the heaviest penalties yet to offenders.

Draft law outlines NGO requirements


Legislators are mulling a draft law that would set dos and don'ts for foreign nongovernmental organizations in China.