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New e-commerce law needs detailed rules for all aspects


A law is being drafted on e-commerce, which is expected to include detailed columns on supervision, market entrance and exit, e-payments, consumer rights protection and intellectual property rights protection.

Legislators pass toughest Food Safety Law amendment


The country's top legislature on Friday voted to adopt an amendment to the Food Safety Law that gives the heaviest penalties yet to offenders.

Draft law outlines NGO requirements


Legislators are mulling a draft law that would set dos and don'ts for foreign nongovernmental organizations in China.

Standing Committee reviews recommendations on wide range of subjects


Draft defines overall national security outlook

Amended law signals wider legal reform


The NPC votes to update the cornerstone of China's legal system to dispel confusion and prepare the way for more changes.

China revises Legislation Law, paving way for legal reform


China's national legislators adopted a revision to the Legislation Law Sunday, as the country is unfurling an ambitious legal reform.

Top court vows strict penalties for terror attacks


Chinese courts will continue to fight terrorism-related crimes and sentence attackers strictly this year to ensure national security and stability, the country's top court said on Thursday.

Chief Justice denounces corruption


Chief Justice Zhou Qiang warned of weaknesses in China's court system, denouncing some judges' lack of conscience and professional ethics and involvement in corruption.