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History of China’s notary system


And with the development of the economy and greater soundness and perfection of the socialist legal system since the restoration of the notary system in the 1980s, more notaries have developed and their functions carried out proficiently.

What notarization means


Notarization is a legal system, whereby a non-litigious activity is conducted by notaries especially established by the state, in response to an application of a particular party, to prove the legality of documents and related facts.

What is notarial document and its effect?


This is a certified document with legal effect issued by a notary that plays a role in providing reliable evidence for citizens, legal persons or governments of foreign countries to protect the rights of individual parties.

What is the effect of forcible execution of notarized documents?


The effect of forcible execution refers to a case where a debtor does not follow the creditor's notarized document for execution in accordance with the law, so that the creditor can appeal to the people's court with power of jurisdiction for forcible execution without further litigation.

What are the differences between notarization and witnessing?


The nature of the notarization of a judicial certification as an important legal method for providing legal services, supervision and safeguard in society.

What to do in the case of mistaken or improper notarized documents?


Article 25 of the Regulation on Notarization, of Chongqing Municipality states that a notary or judicial or administrative office at the same level that discovers an act of untruthfulness or illegality in a notarized documents must decide on the revocation of the notarized document.