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System to guide suits of civilians vs military


Beijing court and the People's Liberation Army established a working system on Tuesday to help resolve civilian-military disputes.

Chongqing kindergarten teacher accused of child abuse


Chongqing's police and education authorities are investigating allegations that a kindergarten teacher abused children in Nan'an district, The Paper reported on Monday.

Law curtails unfair app competition


Legal professionals have welcomed a revision to the law that aims to tackle the growing number of lawsuits related to smartphone apps.

China expands smart court system


China's court system intranet has been extended to 3,523 local courts and 9,277 tribunals across China, enabling all judicial officers to receive the same information when doing legal work, according to an official from China's supreme court.

Modernization aids transparency


The nation's courts are being encouraged to embrace technology to modernize the work of the justice department and make it more transparent.

Courts embrace AI to improve efficiency


China's courts are embracing new technology and artificial intelligence in a bid to speed up judicial procedures and ensure that verdicts are more accurate and equitable.

Lawyers to play bigger role in urban management and law-enforcement


The ministries of Justice and housing and urban-rural development recently released joint opinions on the participation of lawyers in urban management and law-enforcement work.

Murder suspect likely to stay in Japan, experts say


Legal experts said on Tuesday that a Chinese suspect who will stand trial in Japan after being accused of killing a Chinese woman last year is unlikely to be returned to China, but the victim's mother could file a civil lawsuit in China to demand compensation if the man is convicted.