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4-year-old scalded, teacher detained


A teacher at a kindergarten in Jinan, Shandong province, was detained on Friday after being suspected of abusing a 4-year-old boy who suffered severe skin burns from boiled water, according to local police.

China asks online video companies to strengthen content management


China has asked a number of major online video companies to strengthen the management of their content, and make sure their platforms are free of harmful information such as pornography and violence.

Specialist prosecutors improve court efficiency


Shanghai courts have improved their efficiency in handling complex cases, ranging from juvenile crime to finance, after setting up teams of specialist prosecutors, according to a senior official.

Website shows how Chinese courts urge verdict compliance


A website introducing how Chinese courts urge defaulters to comply with rulings was open to the public on Friday.

China needs 1,500 ethnic judges by 2020


A total of 1,500 judges from ethnic groups will help ethnic people effectively solve legal problems by 2020, China's top court said on Thursday.

Foreigner detained after parachuting from Beijing skyscraper


A foreigner who parachuted from a skyscraper under construction in Beijing's Chaoyang district will be detained for 10 days for disturbing public order, district police said recently.

Facial recognition technology helps Chinese police solve crimes


When a man walked into a residential area monitored by video camera in a central Chinese county one recent morning, it immediately triggered the alarm in a local police station.

Guangdong pooling resources to better tackle crime


The Guangdong Public Security Department signed a cooperative agreement on Wednesday with the People’s Public Security University of China to jointly develop an intelligent police force.