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Authorities introduce new measure to deal with bike congestion


In the latest move to resolve the congestion problems caused by shared bikes, authorities in Shanghai are ordering operators to register their bikes electronically.

China says cyberspace main battleground to fight porn


China's leading task-force fighting pornography has said the internet is its "main battleground" and it will maintain high pressure on such activities.

Measures to ring in the changes for traveling mobile internet users


Tomb Sweeping Festival saw many people travel across the country and mobile internet service fees increase. But the situation will change this year.

Suspect caught smuggling ivory products into China


A suspect has been caught trying to smuggle 18 pieces of ivory products weighing a total of 1.725 kg into China, customs officials have said.

Adviser's 'oppression' led to death, sister says


Wuhan University of Technology said on Sunday that there was a close personal relationship - like a father and son - between a graduate student who killed himself and a professor who served as his faculty adviser.

School says scandal will spark policy


One of China's top universities pledged on Sunday to establish systems to prevent sexual harassment, after a former professor was exposed online for a scandal dating back two decades.

Pair punished for faking foreign teachers' degrees in Beijing


A Beijing preschool employee has been given a suspended prison sentence for buying fake documents to hire unqualified foreign teachers, Legal Evening News reported on Monday.

Killer linked with notorious Jiangxi murder gets death penalty


A convicted killer linked with one of China’s biggest miscarriages of justice in recent years has been sentenced to death in Jiangxi province.