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Chinese former police officers jailed for shielding gang


A court in North China's Shanxi province Monday sentenced two former police officers to life imprisonment for protecting a gang of tomb raiders and gambling and drug dealing activities.

Xiaoming court-ordered to refund bike deposits


A bike-share company was ordered to refund bike users' deposits and publicly apologize to consumers within 10 days after a three-hour public hearing in Guangzhou, the Guangdong provincial capital, on Thursday.

107 suspects seized for telecom fraud


Police in Central China's Henan province have seized 107 suspects in connection to a telecom fraud case.

China to regulate service institutions for the disabled


China has issued a guideline to regulate service institutions for the disabled, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Shanghai procuratorate begins legal proceedings against child abuse suspects


The procuratorate of Changning District of Shanghai started legal proceedings against eight day care center workers suspected of child abuse on March 26.

Deputies urge higher legal aid salaries


Legislators have urged authorities to increase the salaries of legal aid lawyers to ensure that all criminal suspects can get access to a defense attorney.

Pollution crimes, fines to rise as govt gets stricter, academy says


Offenses related to air pollution, and the subsequent fines, are expected to increase in China this year due to broadening efforts to protect the environment, according to an academic report released on Thursday.

Real estate restrictions for failure to comply with courts


Land and resource departments at all levels nationwide should share with the courts information on people who do not comply with verdicts while dealing with their real estate, an official notice said Saturday.