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Experts being sent out to ensure vaccine safety


China's top health authority has begun sending out supervisory teams across the country to ensure that people who may have received substandard rabies vaccines have access to remedial services.

Court punishes organized exam cheaters


A case in which six people were jailed for helping dozens of students cheat on China's national exam for graduate schools shows that such operations are becoming more organized and sophisticated, according to a Beijing judge.

21 detained for drug trafficking in China


Police in south China's Hainan Province have detained 21 people involved in a cross-border drug trafficking ring and seized 11.7 kg of heroin, local authorities said Thursday.

Chinese netizens laud Shenzhen police for cracking down on subway sex offenders


Netizens are praising police in south China's Shenzhen city for its operation to crack down on sexual harassment on the subway while not victim shaming women for wearing what they want.

China punishes third-party payment companies for violating service rules


China's central bank confiscated the illegal gains of and levied fines on three companies for violating regulations on payment services, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) said Monday.

Schools' system counters sex harassment


Schools in a district of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, have been ordered to report allegations or evidence of sexual harassment on campus to police within 24 hours.

Sales calls to emergency hotlines create nuisance


The daily bombardment of emergency hotlines by spam phone calls has prompted telecom management and law enforcement authorities to act in the hope of eradicating the long-standing nuisance.

40 telecom fraud criminals penalized


Forty defendants, including five from Taiwan, who participated in telecom fraud after going to Kenya, received criminal penalties and fines on Friday in Beijing.