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Anti-fraud centers in Guangdong prevent 79,000 people from being cheated


Anti-fraud centers in south China's Guangdong have stopped 79,000 people from being cheated in a year, said local authorities on Friday.

Hebei launches campaign targeting pollution-related crime


North China's Hebei Province has launched a six-month campaign targeting pollution-related crime in order to improve the environment during the coming winter, according to the provincial public security department.

Solutions are in the details for noted tribunal judge


Liu Li likes to make notes of her most important cases and, so far, she has more than five such notebooks.

Chinese courts use technology to tighten noose on debt defaulters


Chinese courts have started using technology to punish those who avoid repaying their debts, while plans are underway to build a nationwide social credit system.

China's national anthem law takes effect


China's National Anthem Law came into force on Oct 1 to ensure appropriate performance of the song.

China's general provisions of Civil Law effective


BEIJING, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- China's general provisions of the Civil Law, the opening chapter of a civil code planned for full enactment in 2020, took effect.

Hebei suspends dozens of polluters in crackdown


Hebei province has suspended dozens of polluting companies that violated environmental protection rules, and will continue inspections in coming months to improve air quality.

Cooperation 'urgent' for intl disputes


China's top court called on countries and regions along the routes of China's Belt and Road Initiative on Tuesday to increase judicial cooperation and improve the quality of foreign-related hearings by setting up legal research bases and information centers.