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Court to identify child sex offenders


A court in Jiangsu province has become only the second in China to name sex offenders to ensure they are prevented from working with minors.

Guangxi fraud suspect captured in the Philippines


A Chinese fugitive who fled to the Philippines with his lover in the late 1990s was repatriated on Tuesday, according to a Guangxi News Net report.

Liaoning police crack online porn operation


Dalian police have cracked an operation selling illegal pornographic software that grossed more than 140 million yuan ($21.17 million), authorities said on Tuesday.

China revises rules to curb flawed maps


A revised regulation on the approval of published maps will take effect on Jan. 1, 2018, said the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASMG) Tuesday.

Child abuse cases highlighted to guide Shandong judges


The highest court in Shandong province has highlighted several "typical cases" of convicted child molesters to help judges when sentencing sex offenders, according to a report on jiemian.com.

Man sentenced to one year in prison for grabbing bus steering wheel


A man was sentenced to one year in prison for grabbing a bus steering wheel, which caused the bus to almost fall off a cliff, according to a court in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality on Tuesday.

Minister of Justice emphasizes strengthening Constitution education


At a seminar on Dec 4, National Constitution Day, Zhang Jun, China’s minister of Justice, emphasized strengthening education on Constitution.

Top legislator requires promotion of Constitution spirit


China's top legislator has called for better promotion of the principle underlying rule of law that the Constitution and the law are above everything else and that everyone is equal before the law.