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116 fraud suspects arrested in East China


Police in East China's Fujian province said Friday that they had arrested 116 people suspected of telecom and Internet fraud.

Beijing judges on live streaming shows to disseminate legal knowledge


BEIJING -- Zhu Zheng, a 36 year old Judge in Beijing, spent four months on the script for his first show.

Rule clarifies do's and don'ts for micro blogs


Micro blog operators have been ordered to take responsibility for information security on their platforms and were urged to build and improve work systems, under a regulation released on Feb 2.

Almost no prison breakers in China: Ministry of Justice


Chinese Ministry of Justice said Thursday that almost no one in China had broken out of prison, and the country had the safest prisons worldwide.

Govt reps required to attend court cases


Government departments should send representatives to attend case hearings when the authorities are taken to court, according to a judicial interpretation released on Wednesday by China's top court.

Broadcasting 610,000 legal hearings improves judicial transparency


Over 610,000 legal case hearings have been broadcasted through an official website over the past two years, which is regarded as a key move by China's top court to improve transparency and better receive public supervision.

Gun crime in China has fallen 80% since 2012


China's gun crime rate is among the lowest in the world, the Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday.

China to build national public legal service system by 2020


China aims to build a national public legal service system by 2020 that covers all groups in both urban and rural areas, the Ministry of Justice said Thursday.