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IPR infringements against Chinese companies on the rise


Chinese companies have been facing an increasing number of intellectual property right (IPR) infringement cases, a customs official said Tuesday.

Top legislature mulls quota distribution for 13th NPC deputy election


Chinese lawmakers deliberated draft plans on quota distribution for the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) deputy election on Monday as the tenure of current lawmakers expires in March 2018.

Draft law orders online map makers to protect personal data


Legislators are discussing a law change that would make tech companies that make online maps, such as Baidu, responsible for protecting any personal data they collect or use.

Draft law strengthens China's nuclear safety


Nuclear facility operators must take full responsibility for safety, according to a draft law submitted to China's top legislature for a second reading on Monday.

Most fake postings relate to health, food


The majority of fake stories shared on the Chinese internet involve food safety or give health advice, an online information verification team set up by tech giant Tencent said on Wednesday.

Reforms to get boost in financial crime battle


China will further beef up its fight against money laundering, funding for terrorism and tax evasion.

"Red notice" graft fugitive returns to China


A fugitive wanted for graft under an Interpol "red notice" returned from Canada to China and turned himself in on Monday, according to the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Beijing court speeds up handling of simple disputes


A Beijing court has streamlined the process for hearing simple disputes, to improve legal efficiency and ensure justice is served in a timely manner.