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Residents win more suits against officials


China has seen a significant rise in the number of residents filing - and winning - lawsuits against government departments after a shake-up in the law, the top court said on Tuesday.

Better legal protection needed for IP: Lawyers


Intellectual property and legal professionals said over the past weekend that China should make more effort to improve IP-related laws and solve IP cases with a more open mind, aiming to satisfy increasing legal demand in the rapidly developing internet era.

3 linked to fugitive plead guilty


Former executives of fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining a loan and foreign currency during their trial in Dalian, Liaoning province, on Friday.

Ex-executives of Guo Wengui plead guilty


Former senior executives who worked for a Chinese billionaire fugitive Guo Wengui are standing trial on Friday in Dalian, Liaoning province, on suspicion of fraudulently obtaining loans.

Online case filing may boost courts' efficiency


Residents of Tianjin and Hebei province may soon not need to travel to Beijing to file lawsuits, as a cross-regional online platform is being explored.

Database of experts may aid courts


Environmental professionals and judges who handle such cases called on leaders to adopt expert testimony or establish an expert database for use in civil public-interest lawsuits, which would speed up hearings.

Security key as cyberlaw takes effect


China's widely watched Cybersecurity Law, which takes effect on June 1, is not meant to limit the cross-border flow of information or hamper international trade, despite the concerns of some foreign institutes, the country's cybersecurity watchdog said on May 31.

China Focus: Cyber security law boosts free flow of information, not a trade barrier


China's new cyber security law, which will go into effect Thursday, is not aimed at limiting foreign companies' access to the Chinese market, the country's Internet regulator said Wednesday.