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Legal upgrades to aid Belt, Road nations


Litigants from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative will receive professional and efficient legal services if they have commercial disputes in China.

Law firms encouraged to seek partners beyond mainland


Shanghai's justice authority said it will encourage domestic law firms to cooperate more with firms outside the Chinese mainland to achieve the city's goal of an all-around, multilayered platform by 2020 for legal services in cases involving foreign parties.

Man sentenced to death with reprieve for cutting off victim's head


A man who used a kitchen knife to cut off the head of a restaurant owner in Wuhan, Hubei province, was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve by a court on Wednesday.

Shanghai to form legal platform to serve overseas parties


Shanghai's justice authority said it will encourage domestic law firms to further cooperate with those from overseas through various approaches as a way to realize the city's goal of forming an all-around, multilayered platform for legal service involving overseas parties in 2020.

Hebei busts big cross-border drug smuggling case


Police in North China's Hebei province said Wednesday that they had busted a cross-border drug smuggling case and seized more than 94 kg of cocaine, the largest amount of the drug seized in a single case in the province since 1949.

China's top court to issue a guideline on drug cases


China's top court said Tuesday that it would issue a guideline to regulate how to collect and review evidence while handling drug-related cases to efficiently fight the crimes.

Judiciary vows to keep up drug fight


Chinese judicial authorities vowed to continue to fight drug-related crimes and strictly punish drug traffickers and manufacturers to keep society safe.

China arrests over 660,000 drug suspects in 5 years


A total of 660,600 criminal suspects were arrested in 536,704 drug-related cases between January 2013 and April this year, said China's top procuratorate Tuesday.