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Chinese police solve over 3,700 pollution crimes


Chinese police have solved about 3,700 pollution crimes and arrested over 5,730 suspects in 2018, the Ministry of Public Security said Tuesday.

Over 16,000 public interest litigations in environmental protection handled in China


China's procuratorates have handled more than 16,000 public interest litigations in environment and resource protection cases from July 2015 to April this year, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) Tuesday.

Property rights better protected


Increased focus on rule of law leads to acquittal of retail tycoon

Courts to protect juveniles online


Chinese courts were ordered on Friday to continue to fight against criminals who make use of the internet to harm juveniles, in order to provide children with a better online environment.

China cracks down on child pornography, illegal publication


China has made public nine cases uncovered during a crackdown on online child pornography or children-related illegal publications.

Ministry of Justice selects 10 people mediator experts nationwide


Ministry of Justice held a certificate awarding ceremony where ten people were selected to be national people mediator experts on June 1.

Supreme People’s Court to research bullying


China's top court said on Friday it will augment legal research on school bullying and sexual assault involving children to better protect juveniles' rights.

Wumart tycoon's conviction thrown out


The nation's top court overturned on Thursday a decade-old bribery and fraud conviction of a retail tycoon amid the country's ongoing efforts to rectify wrongful cases and better protect the legitimate rights of entrepreneurs.