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Top legislature to review enforcement of pharmaceutical administration law


The National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, China's top legislature, on Wednesday launched a nationwide inspection of the enforcement of the Pharmaceutical Administration Law.

Political advisors discuss improving e-commerce regulation


China's political advisors on Thursday discussed ways to improve regulation of e-commerce during a bi-weekly consultation session.

Zhejiang to introduce China's first provincial law to empower river chiefs


A draft regulation on river chiefs has been submitted to the standing committee of the people's congress of east China's Zhejiang Province for deliberation on Tuesday.

Shandong company accused of selling fake baby formula


A company accused of producing and distributing counterfeit baby formula has gone on trial in Shanghai.

Beijing tightens rules to turn away commercial property speculators


Beijing housing authorities tightened regulations on commercial real estate projects as a way to cool down a housing market with soaring prices fueled by speculative buyers.

Nearly 1.4 million Chinese couples filed for divorce in court in 2016


Chinese courts heard nearly 1.4 million divorce cases last year, according to the Supreme People's Court (SPC).

Civil code: In step with traditions and modern era


Hou Xinyi, law professor, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, shares his views on the significance of the General Provisions of the Civil Law, the opening chapter of a unified civil code which will be adopted in 2020.

Capital's IP court boosts quality of hearings


Beijing Intellectual Property Court said on Wednesday that it has increased efforts to deal with patent disputes and improve the quality of its case hearings.