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Lawmakers work to build new civil law


National lawmakers and political advisers have engaged in heated discussions during the ongoing two sessions over draft general provisions of civil law - new statutory language that would lay a foundation for the protection of civil rights in China.

China's top court releases 'virtual' work report


China's top judicial authorities have released reader-friendly digital versions of their annual work reports.

China's top court to target wrongful convictions in 2017


The Supreme People's Court has vowed in its annual work report to continue to overturn wrongful convictions and protect human rights in 2017.

NPC set to act against rising school violence


China's top legislature will conduct a special inspection of school ground safety this year and study how to reduce violence at schools, a senior legislator said on Friday.

Preview of law-related topics at two sessions


Preview of law-related topics at two sessions:1. Telecom´╝ćOnline anti-fraud campaign 2. Prevention of personal information leakage 3. Protection of rights and interests of judges

China to legislate national supervision law


Chinese legislators will revise the law on administrative supervision to turn it into a national supervision law this year, according to a work report of the national legislature on Wednesday.

Vice-minister of justice highlights reforms of lawyer practice


Xiong Xuanguo, vice-minister of justice, highlighted reform of the lawyer governance system from the protecting the rights of lawyers, ensuring that lawyers adhere to ethical practices, and creating brands in the lawyer profession in an interview with Legal Daily on March 4.

Top legislature begins deliberating civil law draft


National lawmakers on Wednesday will start deliberating the draft general provisions of civil law, which, if adopted, will bring the country one step closer to a long-absent civil code.