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First police-produced app effective


The first anti-fraud smartphone app designed by public security authorities in China has proved effective after a year in operation, police in Foshan, Guangdong province, said on Tuesday.

Eradicating telecom fraud requires cooperation


With telecom fraud becoming increasingly rampant this year in China, the chief of the Quanzhou public security Bureau of Fujian Province said that only one party’s involvement cannot solve the problem.

China's State Council officials pledge allegiance to the Constitution


The State Council on Sunday held a ceremony for 55 officials to pledge fidelity to the Constitution.

Corruption, extravagance strictly checked around China's festivals


China's discipline inspection bodies at all levels have ramped up supervision against corruption and extravagance, in case the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are used as an excuse for lavish behavior.

SPC head reaffirms resolution to strengthen judgment enforcement


The difficulties in execution of court rulings should be basically overcome in no more than three years, said the head of China's top court.

Progress in judicial protection of rights


China strives to fully protect people's rights and interests as the nation advances comprehensive rule of law

SPC rules to reduce court complaints


The Supreme People's Court has launched a major push to improve the way courts implement verdicts, to reduce inefficiency in the justice system.

China to streamline work application for foreigners


China will pilot program to streamline work application paperwork for foreigners in an effort to attract more talent.