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Online sellers plagued by fake complaints


China's e-commerce giant Alibaba says more than 200,000 online sellers were almost wrongly punished for fake complaints.

Top court calls for judge protection after latest attack


China's top court and the national judge association strongly called the public to further protect judges' safety and uphold judicial credibility on Saturday, after a grassroots judge was injured by a defaulter.

Formalities streamlined for Chinese green card


A plan for the reform of Chinese permanent resident permits was passed at a Chinese central government’s conference on Feb 6.

China mulls revision of maritime safety law


China is considering revisions to the 1984 Maritime Traffic Safety Law to prioritize searches for survivors over searches for property.

China tightens regulations on online food-ordering industry


Problems have arisen in the online food-ordering industry in China, including issues related to restaurants operating without licenses, false advertising, and problems with food safety.

Unlicensed copycat cultural relics violate law


Thousands of forced terracotta warriors were on exhibition in Taihu county, East China's Anhui province, without the consent or authorization of officials overseeing the real ones.

China to improve drug policy for better medical services


The Chinese government has decided to improve policy on the production, distribution and use of drugs.