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Disciplinary authority publishes corrupt official's repentance


The top disciplinary watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has published a corrupt official's statement of repentance.

China strives for equal rights for disabled


In addition to offering public services and products, the document contains more favorable policies that will help the disabled, especially those in rural areas.

Women getting leave time for their painful problem


China’s Ningxia Hui autonomous region in the North recently announced a labor protection decision on a matter of common concern among female employees who may need more leave time because of it -- painful cramps during menstruation.

China to strengthen regulation on real estate agencies


Chinese authorities have unveiled guidelines to improve regulations on real estate agencies, which have become a major source of customer complaints due to misleading information.

Phoning while driving may become a crime


Police in Shanghai and Hangzhou have recently begun ticketing drivers for using their cell phones while driving. In fact, in this year’s National People’s Congress, some representatives controversially proposed making mobile phone use during driving a crime.

New regulations for permanent Beijing resident permits announced


On Aug. 11, Beijing Municipal government unveiled a new set of trial regulations for permanent Beijing resident permits based on a point system, which will be put into effect on Jan 1, 2017.

Anti-doping, legal problems in Olympic Games


Anti-doping, or the fight to control that usage, has gradually become a legal program. In the current Brazilian Olympic Games, it has again aroused people’s attention.

Overworked officers quitting profession


Country needs another 6,000 qualified crime scene investigators to fill vacant positions. Cao Yin reports.