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Chinese prosecutors to use AI in investigation


China's top procuratorate has said the country's prosecutors will introduce more technology, including big data and artificial intelligence, during investigations.

China justice minister meets Vietnam vice-minister of justice


Zhang Jun, China’s minister of Justice, met with a Vietnam delegation led by Nguyen Khanh Ngoc, vice-minister of Justice, on Oct 12 in Beijing.

Cross-ministerial meeting held on legal publicity responsibility system


A joint conference on a responsibility system for legal publicity was held at the Ministry of Justice in Beijing on Oct 10.

China's Good Samaritan law goes into effect


GUANGZHOU, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- China's Good Samaritan law went into effect on Oct. 1 to protect people who are ready to help others.

Professor detained for assaulting street worker


A male college professor who assaulted a female street cleaner in his community was detained and fined by the police on Saturday in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.

Anti-fraud centers in Guangdong prevent 79,000 people from being cheated


Anti-fraud centers in south China's Guangdong have stopped 79,000 people from being cheated in a year, said local authorities on Friday.

Hebei launches campaign targeting pollution-related crime


North China's Hebei Province has launched a six-month campaign targeting pollution-related crime in order to improve the environment during the coming winter, according to the provincial public security department.

Solutions are in the details for noted tribunal judge


Liu Li likes to make notes of her most important cases and, so far, she has more than five such notebooks.