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Hobbies help cure addiction to the internet


While some parents have expressed concerns about the amount of time their children spent surfing the internet during the summer break from school, it wasn't a problem for Yin Qiming.

Parents push to curb children's growing online obsession


Ji Keyan loves surfing the internet, even though the amount of time he spends online sparks frequent arguments with his mother.

Telecom scammers will face harsher punitive measures


China's top court on Friday asked all judges to severely punish those perpetrating fraud through use of telecom or network technology, following the deaths of two students who were swindled in August.

China publishes new action plan on human rights


The Chinese government on Thursday published its third national action plan on human rights protection, addressing challenges and promising to improve people's standard of living and quality of life.

China to step up efforts to protect rights of special groups


China pledged more efforts to prioritize the development of ethnic-minority areas and protect lawful rights and interests of ethnic minorities, according to an action plan released Thursday.

Mentuhui cult members sentenced in crackdown


Prison terms have been handed down to several members of the Mentuhui group (Disciples Sect) for organizing a cult and causing deaths, according to the central leading group for the prevention and handling of cult-related activities on Tuesday.

New measures to implement 7-day return policy for online shopping


Online shoppers in China will likely encounter fewer problems in returning goods, as a set of measures for the implementation of a return policy for online shopping has been put out for public feedback starting on Tuesday, according to a news release on the State Administration for Industry and Commerce's website. The measures allows consumers to return merchandise without providing a reason within seven days of receiving an item, provided the quality, functions, components and tags remain intact.

Four sentenced for Shanghai telecom fraud


A Shanghai court sentenced four people to 10 to 14 years in prison on Monday for their involvement in a telecom fraud case.