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Website broadcasting Chinese courts goes live


A website specializing in broadcasting trials of Chinese courts has been set up went public on Tuesday, China's top court said.

Authorities crack down on info leaks


Police have detained 90 computer hackers and arrested 3,300 suspects they say were involved in the trading of personal information since April, the Ministry of Public Security said on Monday.

Beijing unveils first bankruptcy tribunal


Beijing's first bankruptcy tribunal was unveiled at Beijing No 1 Intermediate People’s Court on Monday.

Bidding on contracts denied to those who spurn rulings


Bidders for business contracts who have defaulted on financial judgments against them will face future restrictions, under a court guideline issued on Thursday.

High-tech tools to fight fraudsters


The deaths of two young people who were scammed by telecom fraudsters is providing greater urgency for computer experts meeting in Wuhan for Cybersecurity Week.

First police-produced app effective


The first anti-fraud smartphone app designed by public security authorities in China has proved effective after a year in operation, police in Foshan, Guangdong province, said on Tuesday.

Eradicating telecom fraud requires cooperation


With telecom fraud becoming increasingly rampant this year in China, the chief of the Quanzhou public security Bureau of Fujian Province said that only one party’s involvement cannot solve the problem.

China's State Council officials pledge allegiance to the Constitution


The State Council on Sunday held a ceremony for 55 officials to pledge fidelity to the Constitution.