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Michael Jordan wins trademark case


US basketball icon Michael Jordan welcomed China's top court's ruling in trademark case on Thursday.

Top graft-buster calls for checking supervisory power with regulations


China's top graft-buster Wang Qishan has stressed that discipline inspection agencies should have their power to supervise and exercise discipline restricted through regulations.

Tears flowed when court read not guilty verdict


I have witnessed many court rulings announced in my past six years of reporting on law. But this time I could clearly hear my heart beating fast as this high-profile case has been part of my career.

Executed man found not guilty


Justice finally came, though it was 21 years too late.

Courts order retrials to guard rights


Courts across the country will retry controversial cases that might involve improper expropriation of land and houses in an effort to better protect property rights, the top court said on Tuesday.

Crackdown targets cyber black market


An estimated 560,000 people were engaged in the industry in first six months of the year

Smog legalized as weather disaster


As winter approaches, air pollution such as smog is always a matter of serious social concern. On Nov 24, at a Beijing legislative meeting over revision of weather disaster prevention rules, smog was designated a weather disaster to be entered into the emergency response command system in Beijing.

China releases guideline on protection of property rights


China on Sunday released a guideline on better protection of property rights in an effort to shore up social confidence and promote social justice.