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Supreme People’s Court to research bullying


China's top court said on Friday it will augment legal research on school bullying and sexual assault involving children to better protect juveniles' rights.

Wumart tycoon's conviction thrown out


The nation's top court overturned on Thursday a decade-old bribery and fraud conviction of a retail tycoon amid the country's ongoing efforts to rectify wrongful cases and better protect the legitimate rights of entrepreneurs.

Jiangxi man cleared of homicide conviction after 19 years in prison


A villager in Jiangxi province, who has served 19 years in prison, has had his name cleared on Friday for insufficient evidence to prove his conviction of intentional killing after a retrial.

China punishes 19,000 criminals for violating children's rights


Over the last five years, Chinese courts nationwide have heard 18,860 criminal cases of violating juveniles' rights and 19,248 people have been punished.

Top court overturns conviction of ex-head of supermarket giant


China's top court on Thursday overturned conviction of Zhang Wenzhong, former chairman of Wumei Holdings Group, parent of retail chain Wumart Stores, for insufficient evidence and wrongful law applications, after a retrial.

Driver sentenced to 7 years for speeding accident that killed 19


A court in South China's Guangdong province Wednesday sentenced a driver to 7 years in prison for a fatal speeding accident.

China to ensure personal safety of people's assessors


China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) said on May 29 that it will release rules to guarantee the personal safety of people's assessors and their close relatives, as well as their property.

Chinese man prosecuted for fatal knife attack


A procuratorate in Northwest China's Shaanxi province has filed a case against a man for allegedly killing nine students in a knife attack a month ago.