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Man sentenced to death for 2016 murder of Guangdong college student


The man who stabbed to death a female student at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies who was exercising on campus at night in 2016 was handed the death sentence for murder by a local court on Tuesday.

Official says rule of law should be advanced


On Saturday, a senior official emphasized the importance of advancing law-based governance in all areas, and called for efforts to be made to further develop the rule of law for the new era.

Second internet court set up in Beijing


China opened a second internet court on Sunday to address the rising disputes and problems caused by its ever-growing reliance on cyberspace.

Guidelines aim to help overseas investors in Hainan


Hainan provincial authorities have publicized a service guide to ensure overseas investors fully enjoy the benefits of its pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list management system.

Shanghai releases plan to expand tourism


Shanghai released a document on Thursday with 30 guidelines to boost the tourism industry and build itself into a world-class tourism city by 2035.

Violence on campuses takes a dive


China has seen a continuous drop in cases of violence on school campuses in the past three years, thanks to improvements in the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law and efforts aimed at protecting juveniles.

Tenant's cancer death case goes to court


A court in Hangzhou is set to hear a case alleging an Alibaba employee died of leukemia caused by excessive formaldehyde levels in his rented apartment.

District boosts legal services on IP disputes


Businesses in Beijing's Haidian district that are involved in intellectual property disputes at home and abroad will benefit from improved legal services, according to a statement released by the district government.