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10 arrested, 30 kg of heroin seized in drug trafficking case


Ten suspects have been caught and more than 30 kilograms of heroin seized in a drug trafficking case, police in southwest China's Yunnan Province said Sunday.

49,553 prosecuted for financial crime in China since January 2017


Procuratorates across China in the past 18 months charged 49,553 people suspected of having committed financial crime, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP).

Suspects detained after chemical plant blast in SW China


Several suspects have been detained over an explosion in Southwest China's Sichuan province, local authorities said at a news briefing Friday.

114 caught over telecom fraud


Police in Central China's Henan province have caught 114 people in connection with a telecom fraud case.

Online gambling crackdown continues across country


Police across Guangdong province detained more than 540 suspected gamblers after breaking up 20 organized groups suspected of running soccer betting operations online during the ongoing FIFA World Cup competition.

Courts' IP decisions win respect


China is building up its international image and the credibility of its judicial system through dealing with high-profile foreign-related intellectual property cases, a senior official from China's top court said.

China to further regulate national compensation procedures


China's Ministry of Public Security is soliciting public opinion on a draft regulation on national compensation procedures, which requires organs with compensatory obligations to make a decision within two months.

Telecom fraud fight to intensify


Chinese police have captured more than 2,700 suspects and uncovered 8,000 cases involving cross-border telecom fraud since 2016, a senior official from the Ministry of Public Security said.