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Lawmakers call for expansion of criminal default judgment scope


Lawmakers called for expansion of the scope of a proposed criminal default judgment mechanism.

Draft of medical law highlights protection of medical staff


The latest draft of a law on basic medical care and health promotion highlights protection of the safety and dignity of medical staff, forming a legal deterrent to violations against them.

Travel website accused of plagiarism, fake accounts


Chinese travel website Mafengwo denied that it posted fake reviews on its site after a social media report accused it of copying review content from competitors and fabricating as much as 85 percent of the reviews on its platform.

China arrests six suspects in latest crackdown on illegal children's books


Local authorities in central China's Hunan province have arrested six people on suspicion of printing and selling over 30.9 million volumes of pirated children's books worth over 350 million yuan.

People who attack medical staff to be blacklisted


People who attack medical staff will be placed on a blacklist, according to a circular released by China's top economic planner on Tuesday that is designed to deter illegal acts targeting medical staff and institutions.

Govt publishes income tax deduction plan for public comments


Chinese residents could benefit from further income tax reduction from next year on, as a tax deduction list has been released for public opinion on Saturday.

Two senior officials expelled for bribery; another two formally arrested


Two former provincial-level officials have been expelled from the Communist Party of China for multiple offenses, including bribery.

Chinese actor Wang's ex-agent, partner sentenced for fraud


Song Zhe, Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang's former agent, was sentenced to six years for embezzlement on Thursday morning.